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Meet Nezumi AI, your next SDR hire

Automate every step of your outbound sales process, from finding prospects and personalising messages to follow ups and meeting scheduling.

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Key Advantages

Nezumi is your perfect SDR hire

Supercharge your SDR efforts with the help of Nezumi.

4x more booked meetings

More successfully scheduled qualification calls in your calendar every week.

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Drives higher revenue, at less cost

Nezumi's lower overhead costs combined with her elevated productivity means higher ROI for your business.

Google calendar connected to ppl

Domain Reputation monitoring

Your domain reputation is constantly monitored & protected, Nezumi focuses on quality over quantity sales outreach.

Google calendar connected to ppl
Key features

How Nezumi works

Nezumi is always on to help prospect, research, personalise messaging & engage with your target customer.

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Research & Identify Prospects

Nezumi helps identify and prioritise your sales prospects. Once prospects are identified, Nezumi researches their specific insights, allowing for professional highly-customised sales outreach.
Research & Identify Prospects

Nezumi seamlessly integrates with your existing tech stack

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